Part of the mission to walk in the redemptive steps of Jesus is learning to use our words in ways that give God glory and point others toward Him. In Wordship, we aim to do just that. With Wordship we endeavor to activate hearts in using the power of our speech to cultivate greater health, satisfaction, reconciliation, and healing in our conversations.

"Together, let’s use our words to heal and bring people together, like the healing balm of Gilead."

President Dr. Debra A. Schwiin

How is this accomplished?

Much prayer and intentionality are the way we start.

  • Woven together in a three-strand cord with Worship and Workship, Wordship upholds the primacy of the word and the love of God. Wordship opens the door to discovering ways of speaking that focus on the truth of our oneness in Christ, leaning into all that unites us instead of that which divides.
  • Wordship helps usher our campus community into deeply intentional ways of practicing the art of asking open, honest questions (OHQ).
  • Instead of using language to manipulate or persuade, Wordship teaches us how to walk in a stronger rhythm of truthful speech as we learn to listen to others with curiosity and respect rather than suspicion.
  • In Wordship, we learn to listen to others with grace and patience. When there is disagreement, we are curious and respectful, approaching conversations with an attitude of humility and exploration rather than accusation and judgment.
  • At the center of Wordship is the power and beauty of the word.
  • Language is a gift God has given all humans that differentiate us from the rest of His magnificent creation.
  • With Wordship, we seek to ask open, honest questions; to create space for conversations that are safe and bring healing; and to cultivate circles of trust in which respect, love, and kindness inform our relationships.
  • Through Wordship, we hope to cultivate stronger communication skills — those that are informed by Jesus’ own heart to learn to use words in such a way that help us all move from hostility to hospitality, setting the pace for relationships of mutuality and participation.

Put into practice

When confronted with anger or belligerence, take a breath, listen, ask questions, be curious.

Remember that everyone on the planet has been made in the image of God. Practice patience. See them as God’s child.

If a friend or family member insists on bullying you or trying to convince you of their opinion, listen, love them. Let them speak. Try to understand their point of view.

Pray for the person.

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